Our Story

In 2014, I decided to put on the muslim veil/hijab. It was a personal and religious choice that brought me great satisfaction, however I struggled to find clothing that fit my new style.

I turned to the internet for a solution and quickly realized that there were a lot of women who were in the same shoes so I starting thinking about creating a brand that offers a fusion of modern and modest clothing.

With this in mind, I started experimenting with certain styles and fabrics over the years and I wanted to share my finds with the world and all those women with the same struggles.

...And so Muruna Modesty was born. Muruna Modesty is not only a marketplace where you can find clothing that fits your islamic values but still stay modern, trendy and fashionable, but it's also a sisterhood of women of all size, shape and backgrounds sharing the values in islam and fashion.

Muruna Modesty strives to bring the best quality of modesty wear for our sisters out there.


Together let's unleash the gem in you.